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Councillor Vacancy

A vacancy has arisen in the office of Councillor for the Parish Council

Individuals who wish to be considered to fill the vacancy must do so in writing as follows:

A letter detailing your reasons for applying and what you feel you can bring to the role of Parish Councillor for Doxey

Completed letters must be submitted by (Wednesday 20th December 2017)

Please send to: Lisa Horritt, 49 Doxey, Stafford, ST16 1EB.


Bellway Homes Consultation at Baswich - please get involved

A consultation for the homes at the former Police HQ is set for Monday 27th November between 2-7pm at Wildwood Community Centre

Residents of Doxey are urged to attend and comment. If the site still contains no affordable housing the attempt to send it to us will be back on - leaving Doxey with 50% affordable homes and them segregated as there is not space on the new estate for any other layout.

This is our opportunity to continue to shape our community - please help by showing Bellway that residents will NOT accept this.

If you know people in Baswich and Wildwood also ask them to attend and complain why there is no affordable housing available for their families and friends. 

Childrens, Youth and Families Facilitator
Please see attached job advertisement based within Doxey - late applications are likely to be accepted. Please call to confirm
/_UserFiles/Files/Youth and families facilitator.pdf

Major change to Bellway Planning Application – please write and object by 2nd June

Addition of 38 affordable homes which were due to be built in Baswich are proposed to be transferred to Doxey. This has been negotiated by Stafford Borough Council and the Police and Crime Commissioner as part of the sale of the site at Weeping Cross.

This brings the total affordable housing on the Bellway development from 52 to 90 – an increase of 73% meaning almost half (90/196) of the development will be affordable housing.

The Parish Council are NOT against affordable housing, however they continue to fight for a united community and not a segregated one and also opportunities for people to live in all areas of Stafford. The removal of affordable housing in Baswich takes away opportunities for people who cannot afford to live there by any other means and can force people from areas they’ve lived all their lives.

We ask residents to write and email Stafford Borough Council planning department to object to this – the weight of public opinion can make a difference

The application number is 17/26247/FUL – valid objections include the effect this will have on the character of Doxey, traffic issues (22 extra houses).

Please either email or write to Planning Department, Stafford Borough Council, Civic Centre, Riverside, Stafford. Please include your name and address although you can ask for these to be kept confidential.

Also please contact our local papers (Staffordshire Newsletter and Express and Star) and the police and Crime Commissioners office to make comments as this will add weight to the issue and make it clear that Doxey residents will not stand for the poor deal they are getting from Planning which includes the loss of the bowling greens which are allocated on the Borough Councils own local plan as open space.


Redrow Open Space and Park
It was agreed at the December 2016 Parish Council meeting that the Parish Council will move forward to take ownership of the space excluding the culvert.
Redrow have offered to redesign the Park and this will be done via consultation in the January Parish Newsletter which is circulated to all homes. 

In the interim, Redrow have promised to assess the existing equipment and aim to get some repaired in January 2017. They are aiming to carry out works between April and July so the Park is ready for the holidays. The Parish Council will then take ownership and be responsible for the upkeep. 

 Please click here for the design the park competition 

Update - March 2017.

Works will commence to add a new path and move the existing slide to allow the equipment to be visible from the roads during mid-March. Play equipment is on order and is estimated to arrive approx. Mid-April. In the short-term the slide and one other piece of equipment will be screened off while groundworks occur and then re-instated.

20.03.17 The Slide and Hill have been repositioned to make space for the new equipment which has been ordered to arrive mid-April and be fitted by approx. end of April.

Design the Park - Children chose Option C

This means that the park will have the swings, slide and  Spring Perch (current equipment) and in addition a carosel, somersault bars and a box climber will be installed.

Huge thanks to Redrow who provided goody bags for all children entering the competition and argos vouchers for the winners as below:

1st prize - £50 argos voucher - Poppy Grocott
Runners up - £25 argos voucher - Alexandra (via Doxey School) and Charlie Horritt
Thanks to Doxey Vicar - Martin Strang who drew the wining entries at Doxey Church on Sunday 26th February